Flood Risk Studies, studies of flood areas

Studies of flood areas

Flood Risk Studies, studies of flood areas: Since the formation of the first urban centers in the history of mankind, there has been the tendency to do it near bodies of water, both fresh water, since this is a vital resource for living beings, as well as coastal areas, how to exploit fisheries resources and maritime traffic.
The main sources of fresh water, suitable for human consumption is found in rivers and lakes. He developed human settlements near the banks of rivers, lakes and coastline, flooding problems have generated by these bodies of water, with material losses and human lives.

Studies on climate change generated by global warming, shows an altered patterns of rainfall and drought around the world, making them more extreme. This problem has resulted in the development of studies of flood areas of a region.

Minimize the risks of flood areas

Studies of flood areas today are of utmost importance when establishing the Organization of a territory, determining the appropriate use of land. These studies also provide information on the civil works that can run, as the pipeline works, construction of dams, among others.
Today technology, as well as studies of weather patterns, has allowed the development of a series of tools to characterize a region according to its risk of flooding, so that in this way decisions can be taken in this regard.
Among these tools are developing theoretical models able to simulate accurately, through the use of computers in large capacity calculation and incorporating data collected, as the topography of the terrain, meteorological data, etc., you can predict the behavior of bodies of water through the entire study and thus minimize the risks.

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